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Quality medium duty caster wheel wholesale provider: We have provided OEM/ODM caster wheels manufacturing service for 25 years. No matter what your requirements are, our extensive know-how and experience assure you a satisfactory result. We put our most effort to satisfied our customers. provides quality caster wheels with a competitive price. and professional custom caster services for global customers. Zhongshan LP Hardware Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and processes medium duty caster wheel, light duty caster wheels, office chair caster wheels assembly line drums and furniture hardware fittings. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. Read extra info on light duty caster wheels.

Casters have many different brake options. The three most common styles of brakes are the side-lock, tech-lock, and total-lock brakes. Side-lock brakes simply tighten down on the wheel hub to cause the wheel to stop moving. Tech-lock brakes have a direct contact with the wheel and keep the wheel from moving with this friction. With both a side-lock and tech-lock, a swivel casters can move around in 360 degrees although the wheel is locked in place. A total-lock brake locks both the tread and the swivel. That means that a swivel caster will no longer be able to move around. Industries (such as medical, automotive, technology) that demand the utmost stability with carts will use total-lock brakes.

There are two main types of caster rig: the kingpin and the kingpinless. The kingpin in particular has variations that make a huge difference, and all of these will differ in 3 main ways: connection to top-plate, maintenance, and the overall design and durability. The kingpin is the base rig for casters and is not suitable for towlines. With a kingpin caster rig, a bolt essentially holds everything together. In some applications, this will become lose and cause the caster to fail. This is the starting point for casters. The kingpinless caster rig connects the top-plate and the fork with ball bearings inside of a hardened raceway. The bearings themselves keep everything together. This is the starting point for towlines.

Our employees who engage in the technical analysis have successfully upgraded technologies mainly to manufacture 5 Inch Heavy Duty Pure Black Rubber Caster Wheel For Dustbin Garbage bin waste container caster in a more efficient way.It has applications in a wide range of fields, such as Furniture Casters. Our professional engineers have expertise in using technologies. It has a wide scope of range and is widely seen in the field(s) of Furniture Casters. The advancement in technology brings us unlimited benefits which include expanded product advantages.5 Inch Heavy Duty Pure Black Rubber Caster Wheel For Dustbin Garbage bin waste container caster is perfect for the area(s) of Furniture Casters. With years of familiarity and expertise in this work area, Zhongshan LP Hardware Co., Ltd. has evolved as an affluent manufacturer and supplier in the market, and there is a great possibility that the company will have a better development in the future.

As always, our solutions experts are available to discuss your application to ensure that the correct casters are used because there is more to a caster than just the wheel. Third, what is the general temperature and climate of your facility? Will the casters be used indoors or outdoors? Specific temperatures whether that be in an actual oven or refrigerator can destroy your casters immediately. We make sure all of our client’s casters match the environment and climate of their application. Fourth, what are the unique conditions and environments in which your casters will be used? Is there debris? Is there moisture or harmful chemicals? Will the sun constantly beat down on your casters? Will static electricity conduct through your casters and damage valuable products?

Heavy duty caster,widely used indoor and outdoor, trolleys, workbench, furniture, shelves and other items commonly found in workshops, garages, kitchens, offices etc.Silent, easy to push no noise, save energy, do not hurt the ground, no traces, strong load capacity.Heavy-duty casters: The maximum load-carrying capacity of the wheels is relatively strong, and they can withstand exposure to chemicals and solvents.Shock absorption: easy to move and roll, making opening and closing easy. Find more information at

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