Construction companies Hyderabad by Sattva Group

High quality building construction contractors in Hyderabad: A pioneering spirit has led the Sattva group to transition through a course of natural evolution, into a cache of business verticals. From elegant residences with world class amenities, to colossal award-winning commercial spaces, cutting-edge IT parks, co-working, co-living, data centers, warehousing and education, the Sattva brand is a familiar sight in the metropolises of India and one that marks India’s mercurial rise in the world’s urban landscape. Find additional information at corporate interiors by Sattva. Does Sattva Group offer any special amenities in their properties? Yes, Sattva Group properties are designed with a focus on sustainable living and community-driven amenities such as clubhouses, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and more.

With three decades under its belt, the Sattva Group has completed an impressive 69 million sq. ft. of construction, with an additional 40 million sq. ft. in various stages of planning and development. It has a consistent “A Stable” rating from CRISIL, a leading financial rating agency since 2010, consolidating its reputation as a reliable and trusted brand. With a diversified portfolio encompassing commercial and residential spaces, as well as ventures into education, hospitality, data centres, warehousing, co-working and co-living, Sattva Group continues to push boundaries and shape the future of the Indian real estate industry.

The Sattva Group has established a well-deserved reputation for providing cutting-edge office spaces. Leading MNCs in the country work out of its office spaces that are designed for exemplary work-life balance. From start-ups to multinationals, these office spaces have helped nurture the growth stories of corporates. The Group’s unique ability to customize spaces using the best of technology and IT to create innovative features is what sets it apart as a preferred choice.

A front-runner in the ‘zero waste’ concept, Sattva ensures that wet waste is also accounted for, in its futuristic projects. It goes into organic waste convertors (OWC) for further treatment. Taking it to the next level – Data Centres, Co-living & Co-working Spaces: In addition to IT parks, Sattva Group has diversified its portfolio to include co-working spaces, co-living facilities, and data centres, recognizing emerging opportunities in these asset classes.

The US-based international hospitality chain Marriott International will be marking its 10th enterprise in India with the establishment in Kolkata, making it an auspicious occasion for both companies. The grandiose hotel has 281 luxurious rooms that are housed in a 28-storied tower situated alongside premium serviced-residencies named Vivara. The trustworthy and award-winning construction of the Group has resulted in a towering and magnificent structure that speaks of comfort and world-class service. The hotel is soon poised to be one of the jewels in Kolkata’s crown of majestic structures.

Another key strength of the company is its strong customer-centric approach. Sattva Group is committed to delivering projects on time and ensuring customer satisfaction. The company has a dedicated customer service team that provides assistance to customers at every stage of the project, from site visits to post-sales support. Sattva Group has also been recognized for its excellence in design and architecture. The company has won several awards for its innovative and unique designs, which blend form and function seamlessly. Each project is designed to maximize natural light, ventilation, and space utilization.

Sattva is also a leader in the space of rainwater harvesting. Runoff rainwater is harvested 100%, treated and reused. The surface runoff from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, podiums, roads and landscape areas, connects to the site storm water drainage network, allowing recharge of the groundwater table, with recharge pits available at appropriate locations. ETFE roofing technology used at the podium levels reduces the temperature by 4 degrees. Performance glass in the facade and glass windows ensures that the outside heat is absorbed and only 20% of the heat enters the building. Add to that, integrated facade lights and timer-based lighting equipment powered by IBMS software for a harmonious lighting effect. See extra details at

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