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Best rated macbook repair Mumbai? The MacBook Pro M2 is one of the longest-lasting laptops for the money. On the Tom’s Guide battery test, which involves continuous web surfing at 150 nits of screen brightness, the new Pro averaged 14 hours and 6 minutes. That’s a bit behind the previous Pro M1 (14:41), but this is still superb endurance. For comparison, the XPS 13 OLED lasted just 8 hours and the Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED endured for 11:02. The Surface Laptop 4 hit 10:46. Still, the MacBook Air M2 remains the laptop champ with its obscene runtime of 18 hours and 20 minutes. Our MacBook Pro M2 came with a 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter, which is included with configurations that have a 10-core GPU and 512GB storage. The advantage of this adapter is that you can plug in another device at the same time, like an iPhone. The standard Pro M2 for $1,119 comes with a 30W USB-C Power Adapter, but you can upgrade to the dual charger for $20.

MacBooks are pricey, and many people purchase them as investments in their work and social lives. On average, they last longer than other laptops, but only when you care for them properly. If you’ve recently bought a Mac and want it to last as long as possible, this post is for you. We’ll talk about all the steps you can take to give your MacBook a long life. Our list includes directions on caring for the battery, the chassis, and the software. Over time, the software you run on your computer (from its operating system to third-party software you download) tends to get larger and take up more disk space. This means that the same apps which take, for example, 2GB of storage space today will take 2.5-3GB of space a couple of years from now.

In comparison, the 14-inch MacBook Pro was redesigned in 2021 with a boxier frame and rounded corners, but the two laptops share the same height at 0.6 inches. Overall, the 14-inch is wider and has more depth, so it’s not quite as portable, but then neither is as mobile as Apple’s latest MacBook Air models. Finally, the 14.2-inch screen is by far the best display you can get on a laptop, with a Liquid Retina XDR display featuring mini-LED technology for incredible contrast ratio and color reproduction, and with a ProMotion refresh rate of 120Hz. It’s pricey, and may offer more power than most people need, but when it comes to picking Laptop of the Year, nothing else came close. See additional information on Macbook repair near me.

Despite any grievances, many are still rating the M2 MacBook Pro as a solid Pro-level device that is ideal for the user who is looking for a portable option with a power of a Pro-tier Apple laptop. The price difference likely doesn’t hurt either and also leaves room for modifications to get higher specs for around the same price as the base model 14-inch MacBook Pro. The 14-inch MacBook Pro is ideal for those who are looking to do a little heavier lifting in terms of power and enjoys more standard features, such as a MagSafe plug and hardware function keys. Considering the 14-inch model is only one year old, it is still early in its life cycle as an Apple product.

Thanks to the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, the MacBook Pro models feature much improved battery life. The 14-inch MacBook Pro lasts for up to 17 hours when watching movies and up to 11 hours when browsing the web. The 16-inch MacBook Pro lasts for up to 21 hours when watching movies and 14 hours when browsing the web. Other features include WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 support, plus there’s a six-speaker sound system with two tweeters, four force-cancelling woofers and wide stereo sound. The 14-inch MacBook Pro is priced starting at $1,999, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro is priced starting at $2,499.

With the new design comes a full-sized function key row (F1, F2, etc.). That’s an improvement over the half-sized keys on the M1 Air; our testers find the M2 keyboard overall to be comfortably sized, with high-contrast, easy-to-read letters and numbers. True, they had similarly nice things to say about the M1 Air’s keyboard, but the move to full-sized keys in the function row is helpful when you want to quickly adjust the volume or the screen brightness on a video chat, especially if you have large hands. The M2 model also has a small notch in the display, where Apple has placed an improved 1080p webcam. Is the cutout intrusive? In my opinion, you get used to it. In fact, if you have a dark desktop background or use Dark Mode in macOS, you might not even notice it’s there.

Design wise, the new MacBook Pro models look similar to the older models, but they are thicker and heavier with a more rounded design at the bottom corners. Silver and Gray are the only available color options. There’s an all-black keyboard that eliminates the Touch Bar, adding a full-sized row of function keys in its place. There’s also a larger Touch ID button with a circular fingerprint sensor, with Touch ID used to unlock the Mac, authenticate purchases, and replace passwords. Below the keyboard, there’s a large Force Touch trackpad. Read even more details on

You can keep in mind when considering your purchase that the M2 MacBook Pro includes a Touch Bar, and is the last MacBook set to have this feature. Meanwhile, if the hardware function keys are more up your alley, you can opt for the 14-inch MacBook Pro. Both laptops also include a Touch ID key on their keyboards in the upper right corner. One stand-out difference between the two MacBook Pro models is that the 14.2-inch MacBook Pro features a Liquid Retina XDR display with an extreme difference in brightness. The 3024 x 1964 resolution Mini LED display has 254 pixels per inch, an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, and a 16 million color range, in addition to a peak brightness of 1600 nits and sustained brightness of 1000 nits.

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