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Excellent stainless steel sheet wholesale manufacturer today? TOPSON was awarded ISO9001:2015 on Manufacturing Management and Sales for Metal Engineering Material and Products. We can do perfect works according to customer’s requirement with our strong engineer team and experienced project management. TOPSON mainly exported to Mid East, Southeast Asia and America market. Our material and products are well recognized and trusted by customers. Come to work with TOPSON and you will find things become easy. Find more info at stainless steel fabrication.

Decorative stainless steel plates produced by TOPSON can be applied to metal furniture, including stainless steel kitchen cabinets and other daily furniture, our professional application of PVD coating and etching patterns, making these products more beautiful and durable, our products are widely used in hotel lobby, Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are decorated, with a variety of types, more style, good quality, reasonable price. We offer a wide variety of high-cost products and ensure timely delivery. We provide quality ODM / OEM services to our customers.

Stainless steel screen is custom product, and there are many color types that biased toward modern stainless steel screens. We can choose rose gold, champagne gold, black titanium. If you like a thick feeling, you can choose bronze, greenish copper, red bronze, imitation brass, etc., of course, the color of the stainless steel screen can be processed is not only these few, after all, the darkness of the color is adjustable. All connection and fixation are completed interior in the product, and detachable, reused. It can be laid inside the screen frame and is convenient.

Foshan Topson Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., a Manufacturing Decoration Materials enterprise, Specialized in manufacturing stainless steel railing and sales of decorative stainless steel sheets. decorative stainless steel sheet suppliers produced by Topson are very popular in the market. decorative stainless steel sheet suppliers are in line with stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.

PVD color coating on stainless steel decorative sheets has very high adhesion. It strengthens decorative sheet surface from scratches and oxidization. It is convenient for future maintenance and very popular to many people. Topson stainless steel decorative sheets get very good result of SGS Abrasion Resistance, Adhesion Test of Coatings, Natural Salt Spray Test. Topson was awarded ISO9001:2015 on manufacturing management and sales for metal engineering materials and products. Discover more information on

Two, bending test. Bending test is an effective method to test the bending resistance of stainless steel sheets and coating. In the bending test, can find the stainless steel sheets defects in time and repair in time. Bending test, as one of the important inspection steps in stainless steel sheets manufacturing, provides an important basis for ensuring the bending resistance of stainless steel sheets materials. Three, cup protrusion test. The cup burst test is an effective method to test the stamping performance of stainless steel sheets. In some application fields, there are strict standards for the stamping of stainless steel sheets materials, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and ship plates, etc., in the process of mechanical forming if the stamping performance is not up to standard, easy to lead to stainless steel sheets cracking, seriously affect the quality of products. Therefore, in the manufacture of stainless steel sheets, cup test is indispensable.

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