Telescopic conveyor provider in China

Telescopic conveyor factory by Ningbo YiFan Conveyor Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional conveyor supplier located in Ningbo,China.The company boats an experienced technical R&D team which can independently develops a series of conveyor systems,such as:telescopic belt conveyors,truck loading conveyors,top chain conveyors,belt conveyors,roller conveyors and so on. Many of our clients hail from the express industry, food & beverage production, health and beauty, garment handling,home appliances,electronic,optical,warehouse and automotive industries. Read more information at telescopic conveyor.

Food belt conveyor is the main product of YiFan. It is diverse in variety.YiFan belt conveyor manufacturer provides diversified choices for customers. The belt conveyor is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price. Based on the advanced production equipment and modern management, YiFan can provide professional services. Roller Conveyor is one of the most common conveyors applied in conveying flat-bottomed items like cases, boxes and pallets. Small, soft or irregular items are supposed to put on trays or other flat containers.

How does conveyor equipment effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises? Conveyor assembly line is a kind of product is divided into several small parts for processing, it is a variety of processes can be completed at the same time, and assembly line workers are generally only responsible for their own engaged in the parts, a long time, proficiency will improve, speed will accelerate, which greatly simplifies the process, improve work efficiency. The function of the assembly line workbench in product processing and production is to serve as an operation platform for employees to complete the assembly and packaging of products.

Dockless Loading Conveyor System is quite welcome to automatically load or unload goods in and out of trailers/vans/trucks/containers in warehouse, harbor, airport, dock, etc. It solves the problems of no shipping docks when loading or unloading. The mechanized operation largely increases work efficiency, relieves labor intensity and also reduces cost for modern enterprises in a wide range of applications. It facilitates goods handling work and also provides advantages to advanced production, modernized management and safe operation.

With the upgrading of science and technology, the development path of the belt Conveyor needs to be changed in the future. When the technical personnel of the Conveyor are debugging the Conveyor, the performance of the belt Conveyor should be taken into consideration from many aspects. Following is Yifan Belt Conveyor Supplier to introduce the transportation and debugging method of the belt Conveyor. If there is a large sound at the bearing seat, it is necessary to do further inspection immediately, in order to effectively avoid more serious problems with the belt conveyor. Not only that, belt conveyor also frequently appears at the coupling two shafts noise. The main reason for this problem is that the high-speed end of the drive device is in normal use, and the coupling of the reducer and the motor is issued. However, this noise is often accompanied by very strong motor rotation vibration, which must be examined in depth in the first place.

It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, low power consumption per unit and high efficiency. Mobile conveyor means that the whole equipment is mounted on wheels and can be moved. It has the characteristics of high mobility, high utilization rate and timely arrangement of conveying operation to meet the loading and unloading requirements. This type of equipment is not too high in conveying capacity and not long in conveying distance, and is suitable for small and medium-sized warehouses. Read extra information on

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