Top rated 21st century artists by Jean Arno

Top rated modern artists with Jean Arno? Born in Paris, raised in Bordeaux and Nice, South of France, Jean Arno’s poetry is influenced by French classicism and ancient Greek philosophy. Growing up in the house of renowned professors, since young age Jean was surrounded by the greatest figures in the world’s literature. Jean has studied philosophy and literature in Stanford University, which allowed him to develop his own style over a decade. With this new poetry book, Trophies, he is bringing back a sophisticated style and depth of the thought in form of short aphorisms. Jean is also producing digital art and philosophical pieces which complements his portfolio. See more details at

The evocative and poetic force of a work is diminished as soon as it does not help you see the invisible and plural strata of which the world is shaped—as soon as it does not propose an enriched vision of it. But the work could not be fully realized without the reader’s active participation: “It is that the highest truths are not given; they are conquered. Their gleams dazzle those whom they do not illuminate”. Trophies is an exceptional work: a must read.

The new, digitized universe, praised by Mark Zuckerberg, opens up a world of infinite creative possibilities, which is why the digital art gallery Art & Above has decided to take the plunge by moving into the Metaverse. “We have created a new kind of art gallery: any artistic object—including the art gallery itself—becomes the occasion for an artistic experience … for collaboration. The visitor is no longer a contemplator; he is called to become an artist himself and to create”, says the founder, Jean Arno.

What forms will the arts take in the digital universes now commonly called the Metaverse? 
NFTs (non-fungible token) artwork, protected by unique numbers, is now unequivocally the future of the arts. For example, suppose the punk-geek universe dominated the NFT art market in the 90s and 2000s with its video game, comics, manga heroes, heroic fantasy, and science fiction. In that case, it is now competing with artists who produce the new art of the 21st century. Such art includes satirism like Bansky’s iconic street art, with its strong criticism of capitalism and mass public manipulation at the hands of politicians and the media.

Artistic practices such as painting and music and my studies in literature and philosophy have undoubtedly had a major influence on my way of looking at the world and on my style. The rest of my life has been a succession of trips around the world to places like New Caledonia, Bulgaria, the USA, and England. I’ve had interesting encounters with pictorial and literary creations at the great universities of Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, and also in the influential artistic circles of San Francisco, London, and New York. This diversity has fostered in me a more nuanced mind and more assertive values. See even more details on Jean Arno artist.

Some books leave you with the strange impression that you’ve been awakened. Reading Jean Arno’s Trophies is an intellectual experience, as the author claims on his official website, from which the informed reader comes out brighter. His claim would be arrogant if his verses, which sometimes touch the sublime and sometimes resemble Baudelaire’s These Dreams of Stone, were not so deep and full of optimistic faith in the power of the human spirit: “That each one can throne majestically in his own skies, as a splendid Sphinx dominates its desert! Indeed, the poetic aphorisms that Jean Arno offers require an intellectual effort, as he said himself : “the greatest truths are conquered”.

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