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Best aircon servicing firm in Singapore 2022? Yearly AC Maintenance Package: We undertake yearly aircon maintenance contracts for residential and commercial air conditioners to ensure they’re working in optimum condition. Our technicians are responsible for regular upkeep and upgradation when required. An annual aircon maintenance package includes routine servicing, checks on parts, operation, gas, as well as inspecting components and cooling performance. Read additional info at aircon servicing. Aircon servicing is important to keep your family healthy and free from allergies. At EZ Aircon, we’ll clean the aircon components, check all parts to look for potential problems. Regular servicing also promotes energy efficiency and keeps electricity bills low.

Your HVAC system is designed to heat and cool your entire home. If your vents are blocked or obstructed somehow, that will reduce your air conditioner’s effectiveness. So make sure they are fully open and no furniture or a misplaced blanket over the supply vents. This might sound like a no-brainer, but keep your doors and windows closed, especially in the hot summer. Yes, it might feel good every so often to get some fresh air in your home. However, keeping the doors and windows open for too long will make your AC unit work more and cost you more money. Over time, certain electrical components of your air conditioner can wear down. You or your HVAC technician should verify that the wiring and other electrical components are secure once a year. Checking the wiring and other electrical components is part of your annual AC inspection and tune-up.

Open windows. Opening windows creates a cross-wise breeze, allowing you to naturally cool your home without switching on air conditioners. This is an ideal tactic in spring when temperatures are mild. Use ceiling fans. Cooling your home with ceiling fans will allow you to raise your thermostat four degrees. This can help lower your electricity bills without sacrificing overall comfort. Cook outside. On warmer spring days, keep the heat out of your home by using an outdoor grill instead of indoor ovens.

You may also consider blocking any source of direct sunlight using heavy curtains or placing large leafy plants near direct sources of sunlight. Or, consider tinting the windows. Turn Off Heat Generating Appliances: Kitchen ovens, TVs, lamps, and other general appliances generate plenty of heat, making the air conditioner work harder to maintain the desired temperature. When you’re not using them, remember to turn them off to cool the room temperature and save money on air conditioner-related energy bills. These are just some tips to keep your ac working in top condition and manage energy bills. To learn more about energy saving, call us to speak to an aircon servicing technician in Singapore.

Keep The Aircon Clean And Well Maintained: Check if the air conditioner is free from debris from the inside and out. Airconditioners are tough and designed to last long hours of use, but dirt and debris in the air filters can affect performance. The condenser must be kept away from trees, shrubs, or mulch – ideally, they must be placed on a concrete slab and as much away from the sun as possible. At EZ Aircon Servicing, Singapore, our certified technicians ensure your aircon is well maintained by reaching every nook and cranny during the cleaning process using equipment that is specifically designed to clean air conditioners.

Hassle-Free: We provide the best aircon servicing in Singapore, striving to exceed customer expectations and promise 100% satisfaction, guaranteeing peace of mind. We’ll bring our cleaning equipment and leave the space clean, laying floor mats and tarps, wearing shoe coverings, gloves, etc., and taking all care to ensure a stress-free experience. Discover even more details at 100% Customer Satisfaction: Solving our customers cooling issues is always our top priority. We always strive to make it an hassle-free service experience for our customers, be it maintenance or repair Singapore. With the 24/7 online booking, customers can now book an appointment anytime, anywhere without calling in and check “any available slots?” and the constant back and forth to schedule an appointment.

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